Global challenge

Today more than 1 billion people live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions, which will aggravate in the near future further. The aim of the Solar Igloo Project is to address the global housing problem in a sustainable way by employing extremely abundant resources given in desert regions: sand and sun light.

Solar sintering

As it has been shown by Markus Kayser in 2011, sand can be fused together with focused sun light into essentially glass, in order to form solid structures, which is termed “solar sintering”. It is an easy low-tech approach in combination with modern high-tech elements of a 3D printer system.

Our Mission

The solar igloo project intends to demonstrate that an ultra-low cost house can be solar sintered with a proof-of-concept study. The project’s aim is to empower people in need of a shelter to build their own solar igloos and eventually villages.


The project proceeds under the guideline of maximal impact on the global housing crisis as highest priority. The collaboratively developed sintering systems and igloo blueprints will be shared freely under creative commons licensing. The Solar Igloo Project is an open source and non-profit endeavour initiated by Zazralt Magic.