The SolarBot is an automatized solar sintering system, with a low-cost design based on widely available mass-products.

frontbackSolarBot One

The SolarBot One is a single fresnel lens 3D solar printer. The pivot of the 2-axis solar-tracker is located at the height of the focus and the turntable at the bottom. It has a printing volume capacity of 50x50x50cm. The  frame is made from aluminium profiles and therefore lightweight, and can be conveniently transported. The printer will be mounted by connecting the profiles with steel-enforced connectors.


SolarBot Six

The SolarBot Six is a large rotational 3D printer with 6 fresnel lenses. The lenses, mounted on a 2-axis solar-tracker, can move along 6 radial arms. These arms rotate along an outer cylindrical shell with 6.5m in diameter, which grows in height up to 3.1m during the printing process. The interior of the sigloo is filled with blocks of stiff, lightweight filling material, which will be removed after completion.